Mark Kinsley, new president of Englander and one half of the famous Dos Marcos podcast team, shares insights from his recent listening tour and talks about his unique path to the presidency of this Top 10 bedding producer.

As you listen, the former Home Meridian CEO is still in High Point but next month he’ll biking The Silk Road – that’s right, the ancient trade route connecting Europe and China—on a 110-day trans-continental journey. And that’s just his personal adventures. To hear more about his next furniture adventure you’ll have to tune in.

Stanley Furniture President Adam Tilley opens up about his first time being a president, the joys of working with family and the daily reminder that hangs above his desk. Tune into to find out more. 

There’s a method to their “madness.” Madcap Cottage’s Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke share their inspiration, their vision for a global lifestyle brand and so much more.

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