Born into the family furniture business Jason Phillips found his passion on “family vacations” that were actually buying trips. He reflects on growing up in a one-of-a-kind company, carving his own path and what the future holds for the next generation. Sponsored by Storis

Furniture Today Editor in Chief Bill McLoughlin is joined by Sam Vlessing, founder and CEO of technology startup Bear Ogilvy, who uncorks the opportunity that manufacturers and retailers have to utilize major e-commerce platforms to compete on an even playing field with today’s e-commerce giants. Sponsored By Storis

Furniture Today’s Senior Retail Editor Clint Engel turns the table on Editor in Chief  Bill McLoughlin, grilling the long-time retail editor on his career, the changing retail environment and why furniture stores have avoided the consolidations that have impacted so many other industries. Sponsored By Storis

Furniture Today Editor in Chief Bill McLoughlin sits down with a focus group of Millennial and Gen Z consumers to uncover their furniture shopping preferences. Do reviews really matter?  Where do they look for information prior to purchase? Would they rather rent or buy? How high is high priced? Tune in to find out. Sponsored by STORIS

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