From her roots in fashion as a young teenage model, interior and furniture designer Libby Langdon has always felt the freedom to go after new ideas and new challenges, which has taken her career through some remarkable turns but always with her upbeat, go-for-it outlook.

Jena Hall, member of the Home Furnishings Hall of Fame and a founding member of WithIt recounts her early days in the furniture industry when designers were not welcome and women had little to no role. Find out how that all changed from someone who helped make those changes happen.

American Home Furnishings Hall of Famer and industry prognosticator Jerry Epperson uncovers the unique attributes that have foiled so many conglomerates in their attempt to tame the furniture business, and he reveals why anyone betting against the industry in the next decade is in for a big surprise.

Ethan Allen Chairman, President and CEO Farooq Kathwari shares insights from his newly released book, Trailblazer: From the Mountains of Kashmir to the Summit of Global Business and Beyond. In a wide-ranging conversation, Kathwari shares his principles of leadership along with lessons learned on the cricket pitch and stories from an iconic career in home furnishings.

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Growing up in a Pennsylvania mill area, Jack Eger started in the mills at age 14 …  and never left the business. He shares insights and anecdotes from a more than 40-year career in the textiles business.

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